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The "Oxyfling" Cube Launcher


Mechanical Design

Dynamic Force Analysis

Spring 2019


Each engineering team was tasked with designing an automatic cube launcher which would fire four cubes in succession. This design was created to load cubes from a magazine as a selector is cranked backwards before being released and pushing forwards again.


This project came with several key constraints that needed to be considered moving into the building phase. the most notable of which included that the mechanism must be self powered and fit within a one foot cube. Using these constraint our team worked to ideate several possible designs exploring mechanisms.

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After deciding on a particular design our team worked to develop our cube launcher in Creo Parametric working through animations and simulating our mechanisms to ensure the launch mechanism could fire correctly.

Final Product

As this product was meant to be themed, we created a video to (humorously) promote it as the Oxy-Fling. Rebranding and presenting our project we sure did it.

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"8-Ball" Gear Transmission


Gear System Design

Rapid Prototyping

Fall 2019

Junior Design: Text


To design a gear change powered from a single rotational source. The device must be able to operate at three different speeds, a neutral setting, and a reverse setting while fitting within a cubic foot of space. The device must also provide a change in direction for the rotation providing an output at ninety degrees offset from the initial input.

Gear Locking

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The construction utilized several axels with these moving gears to ensure that all of the different gears could interact at different times as well as allowing the engagement of the reverse mechanism as needed.

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