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I began study at the University of Illinois in August of 2016 majoring in Mechanical Engineering with minors in Art and Design as well as Art History and graduating in December of 2020. From both my work in engineering and art, I have a vast background in design and various types of fabrication, working with metal, wood, CAD and other resources. During undergrad I also was a member of the Marching Illini Color Guard, studied abroad in Pisa, Italy, and worked internships with G&W Electric (2019), Canadian National Railways (2020), and Ideal Industries (2021).

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Outside of Work

What do I do?

Given free time there's almost no telling what I will do. I love trying out new hobbies leading me to interests in digital art, costume design, and even quilting. I almost always have a personal project going with goals to work towards in new skills. Contrasting that though, I also spending time wandering around woods, playing games with friends, or even hanging out at the skatepark.

Fun Fact for getting to the bottom!

I'm a stock photo

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